Vin Diesel Workout and Diet

His latest film Fast and Furious 6 will be releasing on May 24, 2013 starring Dwayne johnson. He actually has one of the most attainable bodies. He has a different workout from professional bodybuilders as he has to perform a lot of action sequences. If you are out of shape and want to build a body like Vin it probably seems very difficult.Let us look at his fitness training.


Height: 511"

Weight: 102 kg (225 pounds)

Age: 45 years (in 2013)

Workout and Fitness Equipments

Vin has a workout plan of 3 days a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday). On remaining 3 days he perform stretching or yoga exercises in these rest days. His workouts focus on every part of body (Chest, Back, Shoulder, Lower Body and Biceps/Triceps). With his broad shoulders and massive biceps, having a body like Diesel is every guy’s dream.

  • Chest: Bench press (decline, flat, or incline), dips, flys (standing cable, incline).
  • Back:Chin ups, pull ups, lat pull-downs , rows (seated or bent over)If you can only do one chin-up, try band assisted chin-ups or negative chin-ups.
  • Shoulder:Overhead press, upright rows, lateral raises, rear deltoids raises.
  • Lower body:Squats, dead-lifts, Romanian, hamstring curls, calf raises.
  • Biceps and Triceps: Curls, triceps extensions - any variety you choose, any angle. 

Diet and Supplements 

For his diet Vin consumes 6 to 8 meals per day. He has a well toned body for which a good diet is very important. 

  • The calorie intake should be accompanied with a gram of protein intake, multivitamins and omega-3 containing foods but only in small amounts. Organic protein sources include soy fortified foods and egg white. 

  • To reduce the fat intake considering that most carbohydrates have fat, fiber, vegetables and fruits should be present in the meals. As Diesel asserts in his diet plan, fat gain is countered with muscle gain practices.

  • To maintain a variety of meals, he also takes chicken run as a protein source. Usually, this is served with a variety of carbohydrates such as sweet potatoes. This should be an intake of 180 grams daily.

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